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The importance of professional development should not be underestimated – it is a career-long obligation for practising professionals. These professionals who undergo continuous development courses would help Malaysia’s aspiration to become a leading industrial nation to the World.

In today’s environment, business process and technology are constantly changing. The final element is the ‘people’ factor that needs to balance with the latter elements. That is the sole and simple reason that make the ‘people’ factor to gain more knowledge and improve their skills through professional development

Nation-building is a normative concept that means different things to different people. The latest conceptualization is essential that nation-building programs that is built in the courses give economies assistance in the development of governmental infrastructure, civil society, resolution mechanisms, as well as economic
assistance, in order to increase stability. Nation-building generally means that someone or something is doing the building intentionally.

There is also a global demand for these certified professionals in industries of Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Service Support, Banking and Insurance. The certified courses will prepare professionals to face real-world scenarios, to meet the challenges and obstacles that they come across in their daily working life. The courses provide the latest technology to help the employer to gain maximum
benefits from employing these certified employees.


Our Culture & Mission

We follow the six universal values which are Courage, Modest, Diligence, Commitment, Passion and Integrity. These are the noble and powerful drivers that sustain business success as well as creating pathway between geography, language and culture. Again the values inspire the way we provide customer solution and satisfaction.


The essence of victory begins with the right people and service orientation. Services rendered by Sakra Academy is mainly concerned with solution satisfaction to our clients and is portrayed in our proven track record that promises an optimal blend of technical excellence and cost-efficiency which idealized to our respected clients.

Our trainers and consultants profiles are decorated with high credibility, knowledge and experience.

Nimalan – Director Of Sakra Academy

These right set of consultants are always there to make any organizations to be in business continuity.

Name – Dev Lead

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